Baycrest@Home provides a variety of dementia-inclusive virtual social and therapeutic programming created for older adults.

Sharing Dance Program

Experience one of our partnership dance programs with Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS); Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors is a safe and accessible dance program designed to support older adults in their health and wellness goals, all from the comfort of home. The program features seated dance options, and takes participants through a creative dance based experience tapping into cognitive stimulation, physical activity, imagination and familiar music. You will be dancing along in no time!

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Caregiver Articles

Caring for yourself, as a Carer

Whether you are a carer or care recipient, everyone can benefit from some basic principles of self-care

Loneliness in a Time of Isolation

Loneliness is a feeling that comes up when there is a gap between the social connections we have and the social connections we need.

The Sandwich Generation: Caring for Yourself in the Age of Covid with Dr. Adriana Shnall

Examine the symptoms of stress and how to manage the constant pressures experienced by caregivers especially during a pandemic.

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Baycrest@Home is built on the expertise of Baycrest, a global leader in aging and brain health. Baycrest offers unparalleled experience and breadth in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, accumulated over more than 100 years. Baycrest envisions a world where every older adult can realize their potential throughout the aging journey and experience a life of purpose, inspiration and fulfilment. Through its extensive programs and services, Baycrest is working to defeat dementia and pave the way for better aging.