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Baycrest@Home is dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults by empowering them to live safely, happily and longer at home. We do so by offering quality programming, family support, and professional expertise enabled by technology. LEARN MORE
Slide DISCOVER DANCE Meet professional dancers, learn about dance from across cultures and try out new moves from the comfort of home! This event is designed for older adults with memory changes and their families. REGISTER NOW
Whether you are a carer or care recipient, learn what defines a carer we all can benefit from basic principles. Caring for yourself, as a Carer CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE
Slide Join dementia & caregiving expert Eleanor Silverberg as she sheds light on mindfulness as a beneficial coping practice CLICK HERE TO WATCH ONLINE
Assisting Caregivers with Mindfulness
Baycrest@Home provides a variety of dementia-inclusive virtual social and therapeutic programming created for older adults.

Discover Dance Series

TO LIVE and Nova Dance present Discover Dance! Delight in this interactive dance experience highlighting dances from across the globe and try out some moves from the comfort of home. This event is designed for older adults with memory changes and their families.

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Power of Attorneys, Capacity and Decision Making in Older Adults

Join us as Graham Webb from The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly provides participants with insights on a variety of topics such as property decision-making, personal care decision-making, and the duties of attorneys and guardians.

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Baycrest@Home is built on the expertise of Baycrest, a global leader in aging and brain health. Baycrest offers unparalleled experience and breadth in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, accumulated over more than 100 years. Baycrest envisions a world where every older adult can realize their potential throughout the aging journey and experience a life of purpose, inspiration and fulfilment. Through its extensive programs and services, Baycrest is working to defeat dementia and pave the way for better aging.