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Sharing Dance Program

Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors is a safe and accessible dance program designed to support older adults in their health and wellness goals, all from the comfort of home. The program features seated dance options, and takes participants through a creative dance based experience tapping into cognitive stimulation, physical activity, imagination and familiar music. You will be dancing along in no time!

Caring for yourself, as a Carer

Whether you are a carer or care recipient, everyone can benefit from some basic principles of self-care

Storytelling Club

Join our pre-recorded storytelling club, where Dan Yashinsky, a Toronto based Storyteller, shares different folk tales designed for your loved one to relax and listen at your convenience. This story based program is crafted to spark meaningful conversations and will support discussion in care group settings. Stories are inter-generational friendly – allowing for family members in all age ranges to have quality time with the care recipient.


Loneliness in a Time of Isolation

Loneliness is a feeling that comes up when there is a gap between the social connections we have and the social connections we need.

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